You Can't Beat Me is the second extended play by Osmosis, released a year after Where's My Osmosis?. Originally, both EPs saw a limited print at the time of their release dates, and the two albums have now been re-issued through the Season of Mist label on July 22, 2014. Much like with the first EP, You Can't Beat Me's new version includes brand new artwork and additional, previously un-released tracks; oddly enough, the production on this extended play largely remains the same.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Between the Legs" - 2:44
  2. "Gohan's Your Daddy!" - 4:20
  3. "You Can't Beat Me (Bitch)" - 3:06
  4. "Live Like You've Never Lived" - 3:39
  5. "Murder Yourself" - 3:54
  6. "Vegeta's Not a Food" - 2:13


  1. "Nadia and the Secret of Yellow Water" - 3:11
  2. "Capricornelis" - 4:22
  3. "I Always Lie" - 3:48
  4. "Between the Legs" - 2:44
  5. "Gohan's Your Daddy!" - 4:20
  6. "You Can't Beat Me (Bitch)" - 3:06
  7. "Live Like You've Never Lived" - 3:39
  8. "Murder Yourself" - 3:54
  9. "Vegeta's Not a Food" - 2:13

Notes (regarding the original release)Edit

  • This would be the last album Osmosis released with Ron Wilkes as their original vocalist; one of the guitarists, Marco Simmer, switched to frontman for all subsequent albums.
  • Tracks 3 and 5 were previously on Where's My Osmosis?, albeit in different forms.
  • Tracks 1, 4, and 6 are the only songs in the band's career to not be on any studio albums.
  • A newer rendition of Track 2 would later appear on I'll Have You Know.



Studio creditsEdit

  • David D. Navarro, aka Roboto - artwork (re-release)


  • Released: February 1995, July 22, 2014 (re-release)
  • Genre: Alternative metal, funk metal
  • Label: Self-released, Season of Mist (re-release)
  • Producer: Osmosis

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