Where's Konata When We Need Her? is the fifth studio album by Osmosis, released December 25, 2007. It is the band's first record to be under the Century Media Records label. It is Osmosis' first album since Break the Stars (2003), their longest gap between releases to date. Upon release, WKWWNH? received mixed-to-positive reviews; critics praised the album as a return to form, applauded Marco Simmer's vocals, and the slick production quality. Criticism was aimed at the inaccessibility of some of the songs as well as the unnecessary anime-based titles; fan reaction, on the other hand, has been substantially more uplifting.

Musical style and themeEdit

On Where's Konata When We Need Her?, Osmosis returned to playing their more frenetic and experimental style while also incorporating the sounds of gothic metal and progressive metal, two genres explored on their previous record.

The monikers of the songs are references to anime and manga franchises once more.

Track listingEdit

  1. "SOS Brigade My Ass" - 3:06
  2. "(Don't Fear) The Soul Reaper" - 3:51
  3. "I Can Fly!" - 3:28
  4. "People Die When They're Killed" - 3:37
  5. "Heat End" (feat. Greg Puciato) - 4:54
  6. "Electric Soldier Porygon" - 3:12
  7. "Backwater Desert Idiots" - 0:42
  8. "A World Without Light Would Be Dark" (feat. Oderus Urungus) - 4:03
  9. "Jill Sandwiches" - 2:25
  10. "Long Sought By the Greed of Men..." - 3:40




Additional creditsEdit

Music videosEdit

Music video informationEdit

I Can Fly!Edit

  • Directed by Shane Drake. The video contains shots of the band playing in an empty asylum. Throughout the music video, a ghost girl can be seen flirting with Marco. Because of this, as the song begins to conclude, the rest of Osmosis start losing their minds and end up attacking him with no remorse, while the ghost looks on in astonishment.

A World Without Light Would Be DarkEdit

  • Directed and created by Bloody Disgusting. The music video focuses on the band (with a seemingly dead Oderus Urungus) performing the song in a topsy-turvy darkroom. It uses quite a bit of special effects and murky colors to emphasize the grim nature.


  • Released: December 25, 2007
  • Genre: Alternative metal, avant-garde metal, gothic metal, funk rock, experimental rock, progressive metal
  • Label: Century Media
  • Producer: Brian Virtue, Osmosis

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