This page lists the complete discography of Osmosis, an American metal band from Sacramento, California. Their material consists of seven studio albums, three extended plays, two compilation albums, five singles, and fifteen music videos.


Studio albumsEdit

Compilation albumsEdit

Extended playsEdit

  • Where's My Osmosis?
    • July 1994 (original copy); July 22, 2014 (re-release)
    • Self-released (original copy); Season of Mist (re-release)
    • CD (re-release), CS, LP
  • You Can't Beat Me
    • February 1995 (original copy); July 22, 2014 (re-release)
    • Self-released (original copy); Season of Mist (re-release)
    • CD, CS
  • Pull on the Strings
    • July 16, 2013
    • Serjical Strike
    • CD, digital download


Year Title Album
2013 "Pierce Through the Heavens" Soul Society
"Find Me in the Rice"
"It's Not a Crime if No One Finds Out" Pull on the Strings
"Better Love Stories Than Twilight" Yunoverse
2014 "Tsurara"

Music videosEdit

Year Title Director Album
1995 "You Ain't Goin' Down in History" Vincent Marcone I'll Have You Know
1996 "Gohan's Your Daddy!" Steven Murashige
1998 "Battle of the Planet's Wife" Joseph Khan The Dragon Ball's the Most Important Body Part
2001 "GT Stands for 'Godly Trainwreck'" Lex Halaby Kenshiro Hates Company
"No Such Thing as a Shaman King" Roger Pistole
2003 "Dead Boys" Kevin Kerslake Break the Stars
"Kill Everyone You Love" Dale Resteghini
2004 "Athena Contradicts" Mr. Hahn
2007 "I Can Fly!" Shane Drake Where's Konata When We Need Her?
2008 "A World Without Light Would Be Dark" Bloody Disgusting
2010 "Hueco Mundo = Mexico" Jamie Thraves Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things
2013 "Pierce Through the Heavens" Darren Doane Soul Society
"Hypocritical Hypocrites" Wes Richardson Pull on the Strings
2014 "Kirito in Aincraidheim" Ramon Boutviseth Yunoverse
"Tsurara" Mitch Massie