The following article contains the lyrics to the song "Yunoverse", by the Sacramento, California-based metal band Osmosis. It is the fifteenth and final track off the album with the exact name.


I drown myself in this atrocious lake.

To search for your non-existent body.

Judas, please don't burn that picture over there.

We need this image to cloud our disappointment.

Oh, why'd you have to go?

Behind the stained white gate.

I spoke of you without optimism.

They all gossiped about you with sadistic contempt.

No one should have to pull you, from beneath the covers.

This starlight is a cheating jar of mechanisms.

Oh, why did you have to leave?

I finally wanted to remove the muffle.

Love may never return in my world.

But it won't be lost, from where you're resting.

The cancerous skies can't stay vermillion for long.

I'll plant a knife on the vapor's scorn.

And then the silver rain can wash away the beatings.

This tunnel I will dig was meant for you to heal.

Oh, why...

Why did you decide to ascend to a higher plane?


Did you keep me from stopping greed's reign?

Over saving your essence.

(To be continued)

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