Down below are the lyrics to the American alternative metal quintet Osmosis' song, "Titty Kubo", which was taken from their seventh full-length studio album Soul Society.


Violent feathers float above the sun

A man dressed in all white,

Tries his hardest to reach them one by one

A malignant glow this is

Out in the middle of nowhere

A wretched smile spreads across the shining ball

As it begins to burn the mysterious figure,

The bystanders all gather to watch it

Everyone's unsurprisingly horrified looks made the situation worse

They started to perceive it as a serial killer

I can see where they were coming from


The citizens ran like Hell,

While the sun never lost its stamina

Like a neverending game of "Follow the Leader",

Only this time, all shall escape before they knock on,


Deep within the yellow sphere,

Exists a pair of feminine-looking twins

They sure are incestuous

Incestuous and quite terrifying

The duo are resistant to the sun's power

As they control the sun via thick strings,

One should immediately comprehend the meaning of this

The twins are puppeteers

The monstrous sun is but a marionette

Eventually the townsfolk slowed down

Their legs and arms were bleeding,

Thereby implying that movement was no longer an allowable action

Every single one of them finally lost their lives,

For the energizing circle devoured them permanently

All that remained were the twins making out,

And the clothes and body parts of every person

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:34
  • Genre: Avant-garde metal, groove metal, funk metal, progressive rock
  • Producer: Steve Evetts
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • This song's name is a reference to mangaka Tite Kubo; this is an internet meme, in which Kubo himself has had the preference of drawing his female characters with rather large breasts.