Down below are the lyrics to the song "The One to Surpass God", taken from Osmosis' third studio EP, Pull on the Strings.


A heart made of steel

I've noticed something peculiar about you

This feeling makes me want to die

That overconfidence,

Are you sure I can't bury you alive?

"You've got fools hanging by sharp blades",

I muttered this statement under my poisonous breath

The colors you represent are red and black

How vastly appropriate,

Considering those are the two colors I despise

You think that you're the mouth of war

You believe you can devour the pigs,

That are close to the slaughterhouse

Don't go assuming you are some innocent specimen

There is no way in Hell you'll deceive me

The next day we confront each other,

I saw you wearing all white


What an ugly masquerade

A hundred percent chance of lightning shall strike you down

Acting more mightier than God is a sin,

And I clearly believe in no religion

Leave this area at once

It's bad enough this world's tomfooleries are pissing me off

It seems that America has gotten more and more oblivious

Why oh why are you the elephant in the room?

Somehow you seem incredibly obvious,

Yet the rest of the world thinks of irrelevant shit


I always preferred a flock of seagulls to a herd of sheep

Is your retarded self seeing the picture here now?

Your arrogant grin is nauseous,

No doubt about it

Maidens are my entourage

Dogs are your slaves

All of us appear to be fighting for honesty,

And you guys just admire fighting for power

Keep in mind that we will still be victorious

Everybody in your fraction should burn in Hell,

Including you

Including you

Including you

Including you

Including you

Everybody in your disgusting group deserves to burn,

Especially you

Why don't you see the error of your ways?

People who perceive themselves as higher than God,

Make me stricken with a permanent disease

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 6:19
  • Genre: Avant-garde metal, drone music, grindcore, alternative metal
  • Producer: Tue Madsen
  • Band performance: Osmosis