Down below are the lyrics to the song, "Shonen Jump's for the Birds", which is the fourth track taken from Osmosis' sixth full-length album, Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things.


I am a heedful midget spending money to make money

Deep inside this subterranean base,

People see me as an uptight bastard

It's quite a pity that this whole center is full of zombies

For centuries and centuries,

Everyone has been dirtying their hands like nobody's business

The way I see it?

They're more obligated to perform bad deeds

Later on during the night,

I should buy a helmet with needles at the top

I'll show it in order to make my comrades envious

Little do they know,

I am fixing to gore them

Whether or not I'm being hypocritical or ironic,

It will never ever matter

May the gods empower me with violent arrogance

A pregnant woman walks into my lab

Despite not being able to see it with my own eyes,

I'll just assume she was bleeding from the get-go

This lady comes up to me and wonders if I know how to deliver

I was bewildered by so many of her questions,

I merely stabbed her to death with the spikes

At 10:50 P.M.,

I sensed nobody barging into here

The only figures present were me and the woman

Pacing back and forth was the only thing I could do,

Then my lustrous brain hatched an idea

With practically my bare hands,

I tore upon that persistent bitch's stomach

The entrails and the heart were more graceful than I could ever imagine


As I eat away,

I start to possess second thoughts about the opinions of all the rest

Every last one of them are all invalid

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 4:47
  • Genre: Alternative metal, hardcore punk, mathcore
  • Producer: John Zorn and Osmosis
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • The title of this song is a reference to the manga anthology, Shonen Jump.
  • At the end of "Shonen Jump's for the Birds", a clip from the movie Pulp Fiction can be heard.