The article is now being reserved for the lyrics to "Quick! Hookshot the Skull Kid!", a song written by the metal band Osmosis. It is the eleventh track off their sixth full-length studio album, Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things.


Master of derision,

Exemplification of villainy

He is the shrouded marauder

I am but a young swordsman sprinkled with moats

Pedophiliac salesman,

You are the source of this convoluted acid trip

I won't be shivering with introversion

No, I won't do any moping

I need to tremble in audacity

The gears never stop shifting

Clock Town's days never seem to be slowed down,

By the flow of time

It is better for me to be unsighted

These peepers can be extracted countlessly

No longer dealing with calamity is superb

Enhanced taste

Augmented ear magnitude

Elevated redolence capturing

The visceral grappling hook's on my person

You'll be a singing Ares in my little empyrean

Drainer of odious principles

Holding you up to the satellite

Deities of the land of Talmina,

Don't stop celebrating the harmonious harvest

100 steps north

100 steps south

100 steps east

100 steps west

The unfortunate spirits are roaming

Someone should confirm the status of the sun

Swamps are destined to fade

Dignified merman,

Play your lute of healing

Blue tears fall from the meteorite

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 9:50
  • Genre: Stoner rock, avant-garde metal, anti-folk, crossover thrash
  • Producer: John Zorn
  • Band performance: Osmosis