This article is about the lyrics to the song "Open the Body", written by the Californian metal band Osmosis. It was the third track off of the group's very first release, Where's My Osmosis?.


Self-righteous matricide

The fog creeps away from the innards

I rearrange every organ,

That I feast my eyes upon

Your immaterial parts are a fucking joke

Next I'll penetrate the fart box

Relax for I am an accomplised surgeon

Lucky for you,

This system-obsessed marvel can dissect contemptible flies

Jamming the power drill right through your once-hideous tooth enamel

Your clitoris gets to rot into nihility,



Dim-witted bitch!

The nipples appear to be gelid

With my bodacious cutter,

I'll make 'em steamy apple slices

That soon-to-be cadaver of yours,

Looks incredibly lovely in my imagination

Thanatophilia shall forever reign supreme

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:18
  • Genre: Post-hardcore, funk metal, punk rock
  • Producer: Terry Date
  • Band performance: Osmosis