Down below are the lyrics to the alternative metal band Osmosis' track, "Medaka-chan, Where Did You Put My Sanity?", which were taken from the sextet's seventh full-length album, Soul Society.


Stepping towards the moon of enlightenment,

I witnessed a blue-haired goddess

With the eyes of sickened love,

And a smile very similar to a glorious whore

My teeth kept on chattering and my face was trembling with madness

But I still knew that she was mine to have and to hold

A few of my closest friends protested against this

I started to tell them off with an old saying

"You can lead a horse to water, but you just can't make it drink",

My lips uttered

The four of them suddenly came to a halt

Whatever happened at that point was beyond me,

But I had the greatest hunch that the woman above me was to blame

Even when I realized it,

There was no chance in Hell that I could resist a face that sexy

With the powers once given to me by Jesus Christ,

I soared my way up to the unscrupulous diva

The spear held between my two legs immediately sharpened,

And then my mouth foamed something of a reddish color

This wasn't blood!

With a rather tongue-in-cheek laugh,

The mysterious lady changed her hair from blue to black

I think I speak for everyone here,

When I say that bricks were shat

In less than a mere eight seconds,

I found myself inside a rotten pod

Doctors were analyzing me, healing me

I will never get marijuana from anyone ever again

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 4:04
  • Genre: Metalcore, industrial rock, technical death metal
  • Producer: Steve Evetts
  • Performance: Osmosis

Band creditsEdit