Below are the lyrics to the song "It's Not a Crime if No One Finds Out", which was recorded by the California-based alternative metal band Osmosis for their third EP, Pull on the Strings.


It's a perfect day

To band together with a group of outcast nerds,

Who are all pawns of the Japanese

If they enjoyed raping Japan

But not any other part of the world,

Then they would be classified as....



These otaku have one goal in mind (to destroy the evil power!)

In order to pretend to really be Japanese,

They not only need to cosplay or say stupid shit like,

"Kawaii desu ne" or "Sugoi" on a daily basis,

They need to infiltrate stores (that aren't Japanese!)

These days, kids aren't as innocuous or fun

Can you believe that they would degrade themselves like this?

Spray painting Walmart's cash registers and humping Home Depot's accessories

That's beyond inappropriate!

Or how about ghost ridin' into Radioshack while listening to Dir en Grey?

What world is this we're living in anyway!?


Now lemme ya tell a lil' something

You folks are more troublesome than the Nazis (he went there)

In Adam Guerilla's bible, one commandment read,

"Thou shalt not be a flaming weaboo and vandalize non-Japanese property!"

The cops must be suffering from Japanitis right about now

Do yourself a favor and kill yourselves


Even If I'm not an Asian or whatever,

Why is it that I must be arrested?

Have I committed one single crime!? Nuh-uh!

You so-called anime fans are trying your hardest,

To end up in an area that will critically discipline you

All of the employees at Target, Walmart, Piggly Wiggly, etcera

They'll chase you to the end of the world if they have to

Most of us would celebrate

All you Japan-obsessed fiends will die behind bars

Nobody really cares if you're human deep inside!

It's like if Tom Green got thrown in jail for being a humorless prick

In nearly all of our songs, we throw profanity around

And yet the police never arrested us; 'cause we have fun with what we do!

Weaboos all possess superiority complexes and try to prove loyal to Japan

Should've rethought your "sneaking in stores at night" idea

It's not a crime if no one finds out? It's on the news, idiots!

It's not a crime if you don't get caught? At this point, you must be trolling!


Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 4:46
  • Genre: Avant-garde metal, art rock, progressive death metal
  • Producer: Tue Madsen
  • Band performance: Osmosis