Down below are the lyrics to the song "Hypocritical Hypocrites", which was taken from the American metal band Osmosis' third EP, Pull on the Strings.


Aliens with the eyes of my dead grandfather,

I had hoped to meet them

My name is Curious

I try all sorts of various things,

Whether I dislike them or not

All my ex-friends are now nothing but tiny flames

Like a ravaged elephant dicking with its water,

I am a stranger to the word "forget"

None of this seems very new to me

Whatever happened to originality?

My own lips have since dried up,

All because of the lack of innovation this world has to offer

God forbid I enter a place where nothingness is omnipresent

I'm terrified quite enough already

Earning sleep won't be necessary

A minute and thirty seconds later,

I find myself on top of some giant's head

My reaction was but a mixed bag,

Akin to the type of bag you use to conceal the dead

"Why have you arrived?",

Shouted the large man

Not even I knew the answer for myself

Staring at the vacant sky,

I had my sights on this opulent face

It bore a striking resemblance to my elder sister

Even though blood seeped from the mug's wide mouth,

This "shower" felt more gracious than disgustingly chaotic

I finally remembered most of it all

The days where I was once a merry child,

How I longed for that time to return

Much to the behemoth's own dismay,

The feeling of warmth was near

I was suddenly grabbed by my collar,

For the ogre saw enough

He wasted no time on swallowing me whole

The only audible sound that came from me was a bloodcurdling scream

Just when I thought that this nightmare was coming to a grand conclusion

A man dressed in black taps my shoulder

I quickly opened my eyes,

And an innocent bystander told me that I was hallucinating

If he was telling the actual truth,

Then why do I still feel disturbed?

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 4:21
  • Genre: Alternative metal, electro-industrial, experimental rock
  • Producer: Tue Madsen
  • Band performance: Osmosis