Here are the lyrics to the song "Glucose Overdose", written and recorded by the American metal band Osmosis. It is the ninth track off their fourth studio album, Break the Stars.


Bleak mindset,

Torn apart by the senseless of tigers

The umbilical cord splits into six mutants

Just wait and see for yourself,

Idealistic bug

My hourglass keeps on getting smashed

Care to witness for yourself,

Quixotic insect?!

A pesky strumpet might kidnap me one day

She'll have her captivating tongue dart across my body,

Like a thousand leeches arriving to ween me of nourishing blood

Who'd have thought that Hades would provoke me,


I know the promiscuous ones are trump cards

I shall make like Forrest Gump and elude the slutty devils,

And then I'll pinch myself

My harlequin eyes can't hold me back for long,

Neither can the deranged hussy

Never will I ever forgive the pile of treason,

That threw me down here

This palm-shaped hole ain't gonna be my jail cell forever

I'm gnashing the teeth that I bear

It's my very own reaction to this shitty arena they call "business"

Someone dig me out

Dig me out of this sump

I beseech thee to liberate the pity,

Especially myself

Someone dig me out

Someone dig me out

I beseech thee to free me from oppression

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:17
  • Genre: Alternative metal
  • Producer: Toby Wright, Osmosis
  • Band performance: Osmosis