Down below are the lyrics to the Osmosis song, "Fuck. Me. Running", taken from their third studio EP, Pull on the Strings.


There is a hole inside my chest

Loud roars from afar, I can hear

The cowardly beasts are finally submissive

As a gun-toting fool,

I wait inside this rancid circle

I recall those bony children being here once

It was a dark age,

So dark that the blackest of crows will forever stay put

Day after day and night after night,

My prey will stop at nothing to find assistance

I feel like ending the lives of those messiahs

Followers of whom you call "God"

Primates raised me as a child,

And convinced me that the creator of this realm,

Was much like a phantom that caused hallucinations

Everything that I once was slowly drifted away,

From my brain

It is abundantly clear that my game are hopeless

Resorting to get help will only make them peons

They seem to sink lower than even the bottom of a rusty barrel

My breath suddenly went silent for a few seconds,

I rather this entire cesspool shut their mouths

Everything that I am now delights me,

But I still wonder why my victims are sitting here,

Nigh-blowing their vocal chords out!?

The dust that I stand upon feels like shit to everyone

All around me,

The stench bothered me very little

My presence alone will get those simpletons heart attacks

So I accidentally fell into deep slumber

A group of frigid women dressed as lions and elephants,

They all somehow latched on to me with their attractively nasty bodies

Wrapping themselves around my torso and legs,

It looked like I gained extra armor

I have more to enjoy for myself,

All while the quarry still seem hopeless and ready to die

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 5:27
  • Genre: Alternative metal, gothic rock, electro-industrial, progressive metal
  • Producer: Tue Madsen
  • Band performance: Osmosis

Band creditsEdit


  • "Fuck. Me. Running" features a special guest appearance by J-Mann, of ex-Mushroomhead fame.