Down below are the lyrics to the alternative metal band Osmosis' track, "Forest of Sand", which was taken from their fourth studio album, Break the Stars.


Cleansing the wounds of my arm

Drenching myself in this frozen water

I am a man no more (just a punching bag)

Why oh why did I run away?


So I,


Those assholes treated me like a mole

One of these days, I'll kill them at the flagpole

The images of my broken ass on the ground

Soon enough, they will taste my fists as they quickly pound

It's times like these that fuel my desire,

To get revenge on the clowns

Those runts assume that they are funny,

Now I'm picturing their dead bodies as I steal their money

Oh, what a glorious sight (I can't believe my eyes!)

Exactly how should I cut them up!? (maybe begin with the thighs!)

I dry myself later on

With a killing intent,

I know full well that those punks are gone




Everything they did to me,

Was all to humiliate me

I have a sudden craving for,

Bastard flesh

I know full well that those punks will be gone

Maybe next time,

They shall think twice before starting an action

Maybe next time


They'll think twice before making a move


They'll think twice before making a move (maybe next time)

The moment of triumph will taste like victory (what a glorious sight)

I wonder who's gonna back you up (probably no one!)

Your demise will come quickly (this I know!)

With a killing intent

These fuckers are about to repent

One day, they'll be tied to a decaying tree,

So the impudent guys will get stung by a bee






Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:36
  • Genre: Nu metal, progressive metal, gothic metal
  • Producer: Toby Wright
  • Performance: Osmosis

Band creditsEdit