Down below are the lyrics to the American metal band Osmosis' song, "Find Me in the Rice", taken from their seventh full-length studio album, Soul Society.


Doomed from the beginning,

The child sees about a thousand sunken ships

Murky waters continue to damage their conditions

As he bites his lip,

He thinks long and hard about returning home

These hours will keep on without end

To pass the time,

Our young lad strips himself completely

He withdraws blood from his cheeks via switchblade

The beings up in Heaven pay no mind in the least

Perhaps they never gave a fuck when it came down to everything

Hesitant at first,

This boy later pierces his own genitals with the weapon

He becomes loathsome

Was that because of harming himself,

Or due to being stranded for God knows how long?

Regardless, the entire world still didn't display symphany for the boy

From this point on, delirium clouded the minor's brain

Realizing that he no longer possessed the urge to see the destruction,

The boy sliced open his entrails and started eating away

As much as he felt pain,

He did not stop and continued on with the nasty carnage

Ominous thunderstorms crashed down,

And voracious devils did away with the boats themselves

That unnamed boy cried tears of anguish mixed in with sorrow

Fast forward to the present,

An entourage of Vikings visited the site

Much to the surprise of the others,

Their commander was aroused

As if his lust for mindless devastation and rage weren't obvious enough,

It became more pronounced after he saw the aftermath of it all

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  • The name of the track is a reference to the character Hayashida Heihachi, from Samurai 7.