Down below are the lyrics to the song "Feed the Bears", which is the ninth track off of Osmosis' sixth full-length album, Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things.


Right now inside my prison cell,

I continuously hear all sorts of demented voices

They are inaudible to everyone but me

They coerce me into breaking out and assfucking the guards

As much as I try to resist,

The volume of these anonymous voices are too strong for me

What did I do to even deserve this?

As I continue to listen to these dreadful sounds,

Half-asleep businessmen unlock my cell like filthy rats

They scratch at their crotches with oh so bitter smirks spread across their faces

Fights begin to start from both sides of my cell,

Not to mention outside the entire area

The staff members are distracted to a fault

Most vicious the inmates were,

But the men in white ordered me not to stare

The moment we drove to the highway,

I was beaten down to my knees

The duo shot at me in rapid succession

That was probably the last thing I could remember

Track detailsEdit


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