Down below are the lyrics to the Osmosis song, "Electric Soldier Porygon", which is the sixth track off of the band's fifth studio album, Where's Konata When We Need Her?.


There exists a rainbow so glorious,

So delightful the ones cursed by epilepsy could be restored

My youngest brother showed me its location

Upon prolonging my gaze towards it,

I positively glared at the rainbow's transcendent wings

Miracles unfold if they are touched in any method

Dreams can become a reality


What the hell?

This entire concept sounded like one big serenade

It was all too real,

It nearly felt uncanny

My brother told me that I was not subjected to night terror

Once more did I believe this seemed eerie

The heroes and heroines of Khanate had their names all over it

I better not have actually used mind-altering substances,

Because something might just be off here

My wise brother and I sat on a cloud of eyes

Truth be told,

They all felt as if we were sitting on overgrown granites

As disgusting and racist they appeared to be,

The two of us could not help but appreciate their company

For several hours,

We saw an infinite amount of life in various objects

My pupils almost went blank for a moment

"Let these pure humans head towards tomorrow",

Spoke a demonic-esque speck of dust filled with love

Let them stay alive

Let them not relive their ungrateful pasts

Let them not remember anything about themselves,

This is for the time being

Once the rainbow heals us back to perfect condition,

We can protest against those who have wronged us,

And then the future will exist for you and I

"O, heavenly rainbow, thank you for making us wait patiently!"

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:12
  • Genre: Experimental rock, progressive metal, alternative rock
  • Producer: Brian Virtue
  • Band performance: Osmosis