The following page has been reserved for the lyrics to "Do Weapons Get Indigestion When Devouring Souls?", a song by Sacramento's Osmosis. It is the second track off their sixth full-length album, Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things.


The midlife crisis has been approaching

Youth lasts a while

Do you see the dead man walking?

Let it all sink in

This era will eventually make a lick of sense

Compromise all you want,

This juncture is a whirlwind

Exploit substances

Do penance for everything that went wrong

Panic at all costs

No shortcuts to nirvana

Catastrophy remains in order to be an agitator

Can't I just live for a split second?

Onwards is where I can't go

I'm not psyched up just yet,

I don't think I can be prepared

I should disrupt myself

Father and mother,

Susceptible to empty nest syndrome you aren't

I will become a crimson boomerang

Universities will discern cowardice,

And I might have no choice but to cohabitate

I have to choose

The core aspects should never be revolutionized

If it's never been broke,

Ain't no need to repair what has yet to be fractured

I call upon Avalon to say my unfortunate name,

And burn everything that has to do with entropy

These warlocks are the paragon of treachery

I now send you back to the land of deceit and realism

Arctic nucleus

Lukewarm minds end up creating the worst of situations

Maybe I should smile,

Smile for what lies ahead

One is only a child for so long

At least adultery's out of the question

The ichor streaming from my mouth,

Is in good trim

Overburden trollops are the best

They've earned more experience,

Lying under their belts

Bury me in the colored sands

I feel smothered by all these expectations

Is all of this worth it?

I've always wanted to go,

'Round and 'round the amusement park of karma

Leave the overbearers alone

Valhalla takes care of only the souls of fallen heroes

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 7:26
  • Genre: Melodic death metal, house, electro funk, progressive rock
  • Producer: John Zorn, Osmosis
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • An audio sample of the movie Saw is heard at the beginning of the track.