Down below are the lyrics to the song, "Demon King.... Demon King!?", taken from the California-based metal group Osmosis' seventh full-length studio album, Soul Society.


I have my eyes set on this small dog

I see now that the thing is covered in semen and diarrhea

Oh, this is most pleasant to witness!

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!",

Yelps the annoying mongrel

Taking him literally sounded more fun

A flying monkey licks his thumbs in disgust

I mischievously dance around the poor animal,

That I find amusing to torment

You were responsible for killing and ridiculing my niece

I have no real choice but to keep harassing you on my own

The minute you start feeling uneasy,

Laughter would be the best medicine

I need it after your poor soul created wrong doings

When I encounter your grave,

The first two actions I'll initiate are flipping it off and urinating on it

You are the embodiment of insanity

No being will ever come near

Just staring at your fur has me nauseous

Injecting a painkiller or two sounds great about now,

But I should begin all of this by searching for an abundant supply of chocolate

Deliberately feeding that to you means that I'm extracting revenge

For real

All my life,

I have never believed one iota about animal cruelty

You were just the absolute worst

Fuck you

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  • The song's title is a reference to the series Demon King Daimao.
  • Otep Shamaya, of Otep fame, provides additional vocals to the track.