This page is reserved for the lyrics to the song "Conglaturation! You Have Prooved Yourself", written and recorded by Osmosis. It is the eighth track off their second full-length album, The Dragon Ball's the Most Important Body Part.


No one

Nobody wants to clean up your mistakes

Nobody cares about your messes

All of us take no part in your blunders

You've got yourself in this fucking mess,

And now

You will get right out!


All around you are masterly products

Everybody has the gall to disparage you

They're penguins sitting upon frosted balconies

You're an egotistical bitch trying to scream your lungs out

Stop denying your biggest flaws

Even when you showcase your blanket,

Your outweighing cons resume absorbing the negative humidity

There seems to be more anarchists nowadays

Earth's people are now perplexed and filled with rebellism

Point fingers

Point fingers

All of our youngest of hearts are putting this on you

Compassionate we once were

It is your mission to make this place a utopia again

Don't screw this all up

Keep an open mind,

For everyone including myself want you to succeed for once

Windows have to be lifted up

Use your head if you wanna make this a debut,

To remember

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:33
  • Genre: Synthpunk, funk metal, crust punk, math rock
  • Producer: Matt Bayles
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • The title of the song is a reference to a Ghostbusters video game produced by Activision; particularly the NES port.