Down below are the lyrics to the song "Casshern's Going to Hell for This", which is the first track off of Osmosis' sixth full-length studio album, Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things.


With a decrepit bottle in their hands,

A married couple walks out of a bisected house

Snowflakes that feel like poison fall from the sky

The bulimic girls regurgitate in each other's mouths

Earthquakes here are typical,

But only because this realm's full of obese children

Porn stars with disproportionated faces are moving gradually

The squickiness sure is omnipresent


You can see my bandmates and I writing a terrible song,

For this one definitely sucks more than anything we've ever recorded

We are so glad that the general public knows nothing about us

Corey would rage quit for an astonishing several days,

If this entire band went mainstream

I digress

Every woodland creature is forever levitating

My palms are pinned to the floor

If the world continues to evolve,

Then just why the hell are we living in this outlandish nation?

Is our beloved president the one to blame?

Questions are going unanswered,

And I loathe this very much

Bystanders surrounded a small girl,

As she was fatally raped by a monstrous figure

Her body shook violently while the people fainted in horror

I stood atop the balcony of a skyscraper

Traces of a forest fire begun to engulf the crowd,

Yet it seemed so astounding

America's fore fathers rose up from the dead

They dwarfed the specimens living on this planet,

And to think you only live once

That phrase has been full of ugly lies

As a matter of fact,

Something has been telling me that the universe is a giant fraud

At my signal,

Commit suicide

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 5:37
  • Genre: Avantgarde metal, deathgrind, progressive metal
  • Producer: John Zorn and Osmosis
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • The title of the song is a reference to either Casshan or Casshern Sins; bassist Ash Beale has noted that the listener could perceive it as whichever. The name of the album this track came off of is also a reference to said series.