The following article contains the lyrics to the song "Blue Submarine No. 0", written and recorded by Osmosis. It is the fifth track off of the band's second full-length album, The Dragon Ball's the Most Important Body Part.


Burn the flag and its leaders

Burn the flag and its leaders

Burn the flag and its leaders

This nation is a tiny specimen waiting to be decimated

Our forefathers just wanna be cremated

The time of Judgment Day is nigh,

Colorless, trite fuckpumps

I fear that crystal meth will make you all fucking high


All of y'all bullshitters are complete simians

Do me a favor and immediately rot in Hell

The scent you possess is definitely a disgustipating smell

I ain't gonna be your gatekeeper,

I'm better off working as your unholy ass raper

My warriors of rebellion will strip and beat you down

I've heard a while ago the circus is in town

We don't owe you fucking shit,

Repugnant cellular bits!

What a ramshackled kingdom we're living in

The strength of my teeth are tougher than that worthless tin,

And you called that a kettle drum

The United States of Fucking Crumb

Accept the fact that I was right and you were wrong

Your mouths were full of shit-stained thongs,

Developed by the governor

Burn the flag and its leaders

The Japanese must be honored and deserve apologies

Every single one of you cunts are earning tragedies,

Whether you want it or not

Remember not to fuck with the code,

Or else I shall coerce you into sucking massive loads

Long live the code

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:14
  • Genre: Rap metal, funk metal, crossover thrash
  • Producer: Matt Bayles
  • Band performance: Osmosis