Down below are the lyrics to the song, "Athena Contradicts", which was the eleventh track off of Osmosis' fourth full-length studio album, Break the Stars.


You were just a sweet child back then

All of us now mistreat you

Everytime we even come close to you,

Homicide sounds like our true calling

As much as we want to force ourselves to do so,

Something inside all of us is holding our urges back

The world feels so cold these days

Can we even call ourselves a family any longer?

Staying asleep with the ugliest of rats

My brother and I hover above you

We had the desire to rape you

You made us feel used,

So loathsome,

So hateful

Our hearts are like severed hands jerking around violently

You fucking ruined this family

Are rain clouds gonna soar over our heads?

You're such a contemptible murderer

I suppose the only way any of us are to calm down,

Is via shock therapy

Disrespectful to the human race,

And even more disrespectful to us

Someone like you needs a permanent punishment

We all wish our teeth were the size of building roofs

Why can't we be stationery in the past?

You were gentle and had a heart full of gold,

Now you're all nothing but decaying coal

Seizure-like bodies slither towards you

The light no longer exists

We're carrying long knives,

Bloodied and filled with negative emotions

You fucking bitch

We were better off with very typical lives

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:15
  • Genre: Alternative metal, gothic metal, experimental metal
  • Producer: Toby Wright
  • Band performance: Osmosis