The following article has been reserved for the lyrics to "As a Star, You Really Can't Be Lucky", written by Osmosis. It's the sixth track off the band's sixth full-length album, Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things.


Social lepers made from black thunder

The lamp resting on your meathook can't be rubbed

Our compliments to the Book of Nehemiah

This is a hemorrhage of all my subsistence

London Bridge is falling down,

Into the depths of Tartarus

I have a gargantuan penis that has been abased

Tim Burton becomes a shadow of his former self

Embarking on a treacherous joyride to insomnia

Circumvent bigotry

Am I to be plagued by misfortune?

The vaccination hasn't vulcanized me

I hate having to pique your formalities

Things need to change

I am upright to myself

No one else ill-judged enough will clash

The bleary riverbed will be mine for the taking

Weakening aroma from the embers

Expendable bloodsheld dealt by a vital gladiator

These subliminal messages,

Mean what exactly?

I am just a quivering boy underneath a merciless man

I cannot scream to Zion even if I'm aware of its continuation

Ireland is ablaze

Destiny's impossible to metamorphose

We will all be gargoyles soon

Expel the forbidden fruit and accelerate the process

The Martes pennanti hones its claws

Stalker and nemesis to us,

Grand servant to the necrophilic Lucifer

The djinn's faltering companionship is the apocalypse

Agonizing fury lent by the apple of discord

Her sentimental trickery crossed this very line

Depravity for the miscreants

Nothing but stark infelicity

Vassals to prevarication

We must not enjoy our lives as dolls

The majority wants to be something more,

Something real

Extirpate falsehood

Tattered dreams will return in working order

The bulk has a goal of becoming new,

Becoming authentic

Devastate inveracity

Torn requiems shall be mended at once

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 7:53
  • Genre: Avant-garde metal, post-rock, technical death metal, chiptune
  • Producer: John Zorn, Osmosis
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • The title of the song is a reference to Lucky Star; coincidentally, a quick audio sample from the anime played three minutes and seventeen seconds in.