The following page provides the lyrics to the song "Amuro and Ray's Get-Together", written and recorded by Osmosis. It is the second track off of the band's sophomore full-length album, The Dragon Ball's the Most Important Body Part.


Devoid of energy and everything in between

Have you ever forgotten what the ocean looks like?

I frolicked one too many times,

In the pond of bodies

Look what I've done

I'm a chew toy sexually abused by rodents

The good-natured samaritan I used to be's washed up

All these deeds of mine were full of misanthropy

I wanna become an atoner

I wanna convert myself into a saint

As much as I seek ultimate forgiveness,

My dumbass has no idea how to even pray

Do I start by singing a eulogy?

I'm slowly throwing away my conscience

Spirits from above,

Please mend my bad mojo

Let me convince you that I can move forward

I wanna bash the stolen shit I am now

Reprimand me a bunch if you want

It will revive the petal pierced deep inside me

Sister Marlowe,

Butterfly kiss the adulterated robot that rests on the outside

Allow me to become one with you and the eagles

The chilly atmosphere must cease to exist

Have me be showered by an illuminated warlock

Take your embellishing sword and allow me to sniff it

A second chance is in order

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:25
  • Genre: Neo-classical metal, jazztronica, alternative metal
  • Producer: Matt Bayles
  • Band performance: Osmosis