Here is the article that holds the lyrics to "1000 Ways to Knock Out Triple H", a song by the Sacramento, California-based band Osmosis. It is the eighth track off their latest album, Yunoverse.


Armoires oscillating like the cellar door

Decomposing birthdays,

Chewing out the motivated guitar lick

Laconic sputum from an overwrought four-wheeler

This little nape of a foreign object,

Will make us screech as we plunge into the hemisphere

My own leviathan will live,

To be trillions of years older than maleficence

Ishmael's naught but an ulcerating sandwich

Jeopardizing the craft that smells of bloodthirsty concrete,

Gentlemen shall put their lives out of misery

A gelid keening will be garnered in a painful fashion

(to be continued)

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:25
  • Genre: Dark cabaret, experimental metal, electronic rock
  • Producer: Fredrik Nordström
  • Band performance: Osmosis